Printing Methods

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Digital Printing

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Digital printing is excellent for complex designs, full color artworks and high quality photos. It is also the best option for small quantity projects. No minimum quantity is required to make a request. The price for digital printing will not change for the number of colours. So go as colourful as you want. Quick turnaround time is another advantage. So rest asured that we will deliver quick and easy.

Screen Printing

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Screen printing is the best choice for big quantity orders and solid color artworks. It has the best bleed through for single and reverse flags. But screen printing cannot print complex designs with complicated colors. The number of colors in the custom flags design will affect the cost of screen printing. But it is still an option for big and fast projects.

Sublimation Printing

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Sublimation Printing is a special printing technology which can print portraits, landscapes or other images on the sublimation printing paper with the sublimation ink. Then the paper gets heats up to a certain temperature within several minutes by the heat transfer heating equipment. The images in the paper will be transferred to textile fabric materials trough this heat giving out a vivid color. Sublimation printing process is a cleaner and more environmental friendly printing process.

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