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Custom Printed Flags

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All our flags are preprinted Please contact us to get a free quote.

Flag Sizes

Large Pole Size: 13.5' / Print Size: 51" x 144.5"
Medium Pole Size: 10' / Print Size: 41" x 98.5"
X Medium Pole Size: 8.5' / Print Size: 29.5" x 74.5"
Small Pole Size: 7.5' / Print Size: 29" x 68.5"
X Small Pole Size: 6' / Print Size: 19.5" x 46.5"

Flag Materials

• 100D polyester •
• 110g Knitted polyester •



Print Option

Quantity of Flags

Flag Hardware

Cross Silver Base Ground Spike Flat Base Aluminum Flag Pole

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Custom Teardrop Flag


Custom Feather Flag


Custom Rectangle Flag


Custom Message Flag


Printing Methods

About Our Flags

In Yellow Mountain Inc. we know the importance and relevance that a Flag or a Pennant can bring to your business.Flags represent status and can deliver clear visual messages and identity to your company and brand. Our Flags are easy to install and they are suitable for any environment. They look great in outdoor spaces like playing fields, customer crowded streets, and outdoor events. You can impress people indoors in spaces such as shopping malls, plazas, or trade show events.
Colour and Design is a something that we've got completely handled. Any colour and any graphic can be put into our flags, so don't be scared and let your creative strategies flow with a custom made flag or pennant. We have a variety of custom flag shapes and customizable flag models, as well as proper flag bases and stands that will ensure a unique design solution for your business.


Not completely into any of our flag shapes?Are you looking to make a unique Flag for your unique business? Give us a call to our Mississauga Facility, send us a picture of your ideas and designs and we will find a way to manufacture a personalized solution for your business. A Flag with flowing ribbons on the edge, an illuminated flag, maybe a big series of Flags to cover up an entire space? We will find a way. Call us or send us an e-mail to get a CUSTOM FLAG QUOTE.

Assorted Flags

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