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In parts of Canada and the United States, a beanie refers to a head-hugging brimless cap with or without a visor. Seamed beanies are made from triangular sections of cloth joined by a button at the crown, and seamed together around the sides. They can also be made from leather or silk panels. A beanie" is a knitted cap (often woollen), known in parts of the United States as a "stocking cap" or "beanie" and in Canada as a "tuque".


CAD $ $39.50 each for orders of 25 pieces
CAD $ $29.50 each for orders of 50 - 99 pieces
CAD $ $24.50 each for orders of 100+ pieces
CAD $ $19.50 each for orders of 200+ pieces
CAD $ $15.50 each for orders of 500+ pieces





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